Healthy diet also affects cancer treatment

Stating that cancer is a complex disease that occurs with the uncontrolled division and proliferation of cells and is under the influence of genetic and environmental conditions, Nutrition and Dietetic Specialist Veysel Ciğerli said, “Although there are more than 100 known cancer types and standard approaches have been developed for certain types of cancer, as … Read more

Twitch restricts browsers other than three browsers

Popular live streaming platform Twitch made a belated statement. For a while, some users had started reporting problems when they tried to log into their accounts from browsers other than Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. After these notifications, a statement came from the platform. THE OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT IS COMING Twitch users were getting the error ‘An … Read more

Soner Rençber, one of the directors of the Sarallar crime organization, was caught

30.09.2022 08:52 News Source: DHA Istanbul Organized Crime Branch Directorate teams continued their efforts to apprehend the members of the organization within the scope of the investigation launched against the criminal organization known as ‘Sarallar’ in the public. Organized teams determined that Soner Rençber, a fugitive from the organization’s managers, was in Büyükçekmece. After nearly … Read more

Last minute… “Musilaj-2 Operation” started in 20 provinces: Detention decision for 233 suspects

Ministry of Interior: Under the coordination of the General Directorate of Security, Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime (KOM) Department, the “Musilage-2 Operation” was launched to arrest 233 suspects in 20 provinces on the grounds that they were members of an organized crime organization. 30.09.2022 08:57 Last Update: 30.09.2022 09:01

Dele Alli’s remarkable derby statistics

Black Eagle’s star Dele Alli will be his team’s biggest trump card in the Fenerbahce match. Valerien Ismael is very confident in the English footballer, who produced 8 goals and 4 assists in 24 derby matches during his time for Tottenham. Fatih Terim becomes a GoldenFoot legend Beşiktaş will share its trump card with Fenerbahçe … Read more

Date of payment of Diesel Fertilizer support… When will the Diesel Fertilizer support be paid, how much is the fee?

30.09.2022 08:55 Last Update: 30.09.2022 08:57 The information on the date of payment of the diesel fertilizer support paid to the farmers included in the farmer registration system is on the agenda. Announcing that the expected payment in March was brought forward by 6 months, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Prof. Dr. Vahit Kirişci made … Read more