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Kundali Bhagya 12 April 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (12-04-2024) Full Written Update.

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Preeta is shocked when Karina accuses her of causing trouble for their family. Karan tries to stop Karina from saying more, but she insists Preeta has caused them problems. Karan tells Karina it’s not the right time for this discussion, but she persists, saying Preeta should leave, especially Karan.

Preeta wants to know why they’re blaming her, and Rakhi questions if she doesn’t know the truth. Preeta feels she has the right to know why they’re accusing her. Karina says Preeta doesn’t remember anything, and Karan tries to reassure Preeta not to take their words too seriously.

Preeta insists she wants to know the truth behind the accusations. Karina reveals that although Preeta may not remember, there’s a past she’s forgotten but Karina remembers clearly. Karan pleads with Preeta to trust him and not to worry about their words, but Preeta feels their hatred towards her indicates she must have done something wrong.

She makes Karan swear on their friendship and presses Karina for answers. Karan warns that revealing the truth could have serious consequences, even affecting their relationship. Karina finally agrees to tell Preeta the truth, revealing a forgotten past that only she remembers.

Karina brings up a past incident when Karan was injured, and the family blamed Preeta for it. She praises Rakhi’s response to the situation and explains that she’s always considered Preeta as her own. Rakhi admits she used to trust Preeta but recent events have changed her mind, especially after Karina revealed how Preeta’s actions endangered Karan’s life when she was ill. Rakhi now believes that whenever Preeta is around, Karan’s safety is at risk.

Mahesh interrupts, expressing relief that everyone is safe. Karina remarks that she predicted Karan would prioritize Preeta’s safety above all else. She mentions Arohi’s warning about Preeta bringing danger to Karan’s life, which Rakhi agrees with.

Rakhi confesses her concern that Karan might react negatively if pushed too far. Mahesh questions Rakhi’s sudden change in attitude towards Preeta, prompting her to explain her attempt to reason with Karan and her realization that upsetting him could have dire consequences.

Meanwhile, Karan and Preeta encounter the criminals and Karan pushes her into a room for safety. He teases the criminals to divert their attention away from Preeta.

Rajveer and Shaurya are on the hunt for Palki when Rajveer blames himself for all his problems. They argue, with Shaurya accusing Rajveer of being the mastermind behind their troubles. Rajveer storms off, declaring he doesn’t want to be associated with Shaurya’s wealth.

Meanwhile, the criminals regroup and discuss their plan, realizing things aren’t going as smoothly as they’d hoped. They decide to search the house room by room and take hostages at gunpoint. One of them vows to kill Preeta specifically.

Karan rushes with Nidhi into a room to hide from the criminals. They wait behind a curtain while the criminals search the room but eventually leave. Karan plans to gather the family and escape, leaving Nidhi behind.

In the chaos, Palki is confronted by the criminals who threaten to kill her. Kritika intervenes, rescuing Palki and fleeing with her. Confused by the robbers’ motives, Ketki and Palki hide behind a couch. When Rajveer and Shaurya arrive, they’re shocked to find Ketki inside. As they try to leave, the criminals return and chase after them.

Meanwhile, Nidhi warns Karan of the danger they’re in. They’re interrupted by Mahesh, who’s concerned about their presence. Karan receives a call from an unknown number, with the inspector suspecting the robbery is part of a larger plan. Nidhi insists on speaking to the criminals, believing she can persuade them like Preeta would. Despite Karan’s warnings, she’s determined to try, and Mahesh agrees.

Nidhi’s determination worries Karan and Mahesh, but they reluctantly agree to let her talk to the criminals.

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