Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn Cool Make Out In The Bahamas – 5+ Years of Passion

Soon after a fan spotted Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn eating together in New York(NY) City with a friend, the quite private couple of 5 & a half yrs. has been snapped by paparazzi publicly creating out within the picturesque Bahamas water awhile on vacation. TMZ ran the first pictures & information, reporting that the 2 have been witnessed there on Sun.. Here they’re, kissing within the ocean—happy summer solstice, indeed: Swift & Alwyn were candid with press regarding why they prefer to keep the information of their … Read more

Are Those TikTok Videos On Taylor Swift’s Abandoned Mansion True?

taylor swift abandoned mansion

When you make as much money as Taylor Swift, it won’t be surprising that you’d have some pieces of real estate under your belt. From California(CA) to New York(NY), the Miss Americana star Taylor Swift owns property in multiple states. However there’s being some of the talk on TikTok that She’s an abandoned mansion in Nashville, Tenn. Apparently, she purchased this estate for her parents, however they never really shifted into it. In … Read more