Rejection of the claim for compensation to Ağırel

A decision has been made in the compensation cases brought against the books written by our newspaper’s writer Murat Ağırel and CHP Mersin Deputy Ali Mahir Basarir. Released: 08.06.2023 – 04:00 Update: 08.06.2023 – 04:00 Subscribe AKP council member Ali Gökşin filed a lawsuit against Murat Ağırel and publisher Kırmızı Kedi Publishing for … Read more

‘Dangerous staffing’

CHP İzmir Provincial Chairperson Şenol Aslanoğlu and Women’s Branch Provincial Head Nurdan Şenkal Uçar, provincial executive board members, district women’s branches presidents made a statement against the ÇEDES project in Cumhuriyet Square yesterday.

A new hike in water prices is on the way

Due to the rising exchange rate, logistics costs and increasing costs, a new price hike is on the agenda. Released: 08.06.2023 – 04:00 Update: 08.06.2023 – 04:00 Subscribe While water prices doubled in 2022, at the beginning of this year, the carboy was increased by 5-8 TL according to the brand. Last month, … Read more

Hajj letter to TAF

The Ministry of National Defense has sent a letter to the force commands to inform the names of those who want to go on a pilgrimage. Retired commanders reacted to the practice by pointing out that anyone who wishes can go on a pilgrimage individually.

He killed his lover and put him in the sack: First he confessed to ‘I made mouse poisoned rice’ and then he refused – Last Minute Turkey News

Life imprisonment requested A lawsuit was filed against Sakhizadeh, who was arrested, at the Denizli 3rd High Criminal Court, demanding life imprisonment for “deliberately killing a woman”. She left with the file of NK, who helped transport the body. Sakhizadeh’s trial began today. To the trial; only detained defendant Sabour Sakhizadeh and his lawyer attended. … Read more

Iran’s Consulate in Jeddah reopened after 7 years – Last Minute World News

NORMALIZATION PROCESS BETWEEN IRAN AND SAUDI ARABIA Riyadh and Tehran agreed on the resumption of diplomatic relations within two months through Chinese officials in Beijing on March 10, after a 7-year hiatus. Iranian Foreign Minister Hussein Emir Abdullahiyan and his Saudi Arabian counterpart, Faisal bin Ferhan, also met in Beijing on April 6 and agreed … Read more