New details in the case that was not prosecuted in the death of British citizen Ayşe (Her mother received her belongings after 3 years) – Last Minute Turkey News

POSTMEAT STATEMENT WAS TAKEN Ararat Özer, whose statement was taken on September 14, 2020, after his death, stated that he and Ayşe were lovers until 8 months ago, that Ayşe was pregnant with him during their relationship, and in his next speech, he said, “There is no child.” Özer said that they met after Ayşe, … Read more

The passenger who was not wearing a seat belt was taken off the plane – Last Minute Türkiye News

The passenger who did not wear a seatbelt and became unruly despite the warnings of the cabin crew on the Turkish Airlines (THY) Istanbul Airport-Elazığ flight was taken off the plane under police supervision. According to the information received, the THY plane, which will make the Istanbul-Elazığ flight yesterday, moved to the runway to take … Read more

AK Party Deputy Candidate Şebnem Bursalı was a guest on the Müge Anlı program (Who is İzmir 1st Region Deputy Candidate Şebnem Bursalı?) – Last Minute Turkey News

Turkish journalist and TV presenter Şebnem Bursalı was born on June 13, 1972 in Aydın. He graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Communication. Şebnem Bursalı, known as a journalist, worked in various press groups for many years. Şebnem Bursalı has been living in Izmir, where she has been nominated by the AK Party for a … Read more

Both the patient and the healthcare provider are victims of the practice that Minister Koca announced as ‘good news’: Crisis in home health care!

In the regulation regarding the service, the Ministry stated that a “home health service unit” with a capacity of at least three beds and equipment will be established within the health facility where short-term treatments can be provided for cases that require examination, diagnosis and examination. RISK OF INFECTION On the other hand, there is … Read more

How much are quarter gold prices today? Current gold exchange rates for September 11, 2023 – Last Minute Economy News

QUARTER GOLD Quarter gold It is the smallest member of the ornamental jewelry group. It is popularly called little gold. HOW MANY GRAMS IS A QUARTER GOLD? Gold gains value according to its weight. Quarter gold is 18 mm thick and 22 carat. A quarter gold coin weighs 1.75 grams. The fine gold weight of … Read more