Cryptocurrency firm BlockFi suspends payments dragged down by FTX crash | Economy

Contagion from the FTX cryptocurrency market crash spreads. The latest victim has been the BlockFi platform, which has suspended payments this Monday and has filed for bankruptcy legislation, as announced in a statement. BlockFi, which claimed to have hundreds of thousands of clients, has filed the procedure together with eight of its subsidiaries before a … Read more

Ukraine calls for support to Germany: German weapons are lifesaving

Ukraineof Germany ambassador Oleksii Makeyevspoke to the German channel ZDF. Oleksii Makeyev said that Ukraine expects to procure electricity generators and weapons from Germany before winter comes. Makeev, “We really need the support of Germany… Now we need generators and transformers, they are particularly affected by missile attacks” said. Stating that missile attacks should be … Read more

China responds to protests with heavy security deployment in Beijing and Shanghai | International

The Chinese government does not seem willing to tolerate that the protests that are already spreading through various cities in the country continue to gain strength. The authorities have reacted this Monday with an intense police deployment in critical points of Beijing and Shanghai where the demonstrations against the iron covid zero policy of the … Read more

NATO statement from Finland: We have to wait for their decision

Finnish Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto, UkraineHe visited the capital city of Kyiv and made statements to reporters. Pekka Haavisto, Finlandof NATO He also said that its membership will bring tangible benefits to Ukraine. Haavisto, “Ukraine strongly supports the accession of countries such as Finland and Sweden to NATO. It is important for the security of … Read more

2022-2023 work calendar: which days are holidays and which are not on the last long weekend of the year | Economy

The Constitution Bridge, as the union of the festivities of Constitution Day (December 6) and the Immaculate Conception (December 8) is known, will say goodbye to the 2022 holiday calendar. The morphology of the calendar in the last month of the year has meant that Christmas Day (December 25) falls on a Saturday, so this … Read more