World War II panic in Poland: Thousands evacuated

There were lively moments in Staszica Square in the city of Wroclaw, located in the west of Poland. Workers working on the Pomorska Street side found an unexploded bomb. While the workers immediately informed the police, the bomb disposal experts who came to the excavation site found that the bomb was from the Second World War and weighed 250 kilograms.

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DECISION TO evacuate 2 thousand 500 4 PERSONS

Determining that the area of ​​500 meters would be affected in the event of the explosion of the bomb, the authorities decided to evacuate 2,500 people residing and working in the surrounding area. While the residents of the region were taken to the safe zone by the allocated buses, the bomb disposal experts removed the bomb safely after 2.5 hours of work. The bomb was taken to the military shooting range to be defused. Those who were evacuated began to return to their homes and workplaces.

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The Polish Armed Forces announced that the bomb was a war-era German-made SC-250 bomb.

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