Women took to the streets in Trabzon: We do not want Hezbollah in Parliament

The women’s branches of the political parties that make up the Nation Alliance organized a march in Trabzon yesterday. The march, which started from Atapark location, ended in Atatürk Field. In the march where the participation was intense, “Rights, law, justice”, we do not want Hezbollah in Parliament” slogans were raised.

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President of the CHP Trabzon Provincial Women’s Branch, who read the statement Ayse Nil Bektas, said:

“We stand against discrimination against women, rapes, violence, drug gangs and mafia organizations, child abuse and victimization of young women, unemployment, poverty and deprivation, humiliation and marginalization. We must do it with courage. With this understanding, we wish to join forces to protect our achievements, to walk confidently into the future, to leave our mark and to turn our hopes into reality.”

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