Will soon have weapons of mass destruction

USA former Foreign Minister Henry Kissingerspoke to the Wall Street Journal.

kissinger, ChineseStating that he expects to be the dominant power in the region, India And JapanHe stated that he could come to a strong enough position to force him to take into account.

In response to Japan’s “to develop nuclear weapons of mass destruction” Expressing that he believes in Kissinger, this “three, five or seven years” He said it could happen in

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kissinger, Taiwan Noting that there is currently no solution to the problem and the current situation must be preserved, he said, “There is no solution but time … We welcome a formula that will maintain the current status for several years and during this time, for example, neither side will threaten each other or limit the deployment of troops against each other. I’ll meet you,” he said.

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Kissinger, in a way that such a formula does not show that the United States treats Taiwan like a country. “to be worded carefully” noted that it should.

Noting that most of the world’s leading countries have lost their direction and are in the process of changing or adapting to the new conditions on the world stage, Kissinger said:

“(Almost) all major countries… are curious about their baseline reference points. Most do not have internal reference points and are in the process of changing or adapting to new conditions.”

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