Will executive debts be erased? Last minute… Are executive debts cleared?

Work has accelerated for enforcement debts, which concern nearly 6 million people and have a follow-up of nearly 30 billion liras in total. Nureddin Nebati, the Minister of Treasury and Finance, gave the first information about the studies recently. Alright, Are executive debts cleared?


A law will be enacted to erase 30 billion lira of enforcement and foreclosure debts of approximately 6 million low-income citizens. In order to benefit from the regulation, the condition that the execution process has started will be sought. Those who have debts but have not started the enforcement process will not be included in the package. A certain date will be determined for the debts to be deleted. According to the first studies, it is planned to write off the debts before 15 August.

The enforcement debt of approximately 6 million citizens, amounting to approximately 30 billion liras, will be liquidated. The package will consist of two stages. In the first stage, the state will undertake the debts arising from contracts for basic needs such as electricity, water, natural gas and telephone up to 2 thousand liras. Debt up to 2 thousand liras will be deleted and will be deducted from execution. For this purpose, companies owed by citizens will show their receivables given to enforcement as expense in the accounting records and will be deducted from taxes. Thus, the debt of the citizens in this scope will be met from the public finances.

In the second leg of the package, a regulation will be made regarding debts in execution, followed by asset management companies. The state will undertake the debts of nearly 1 million citizens under enforcement proceedings up to 2 thousand 500 liras transferred to asset management companies. First of all, a legislative proposal will be prepared for the cancellation of these debts and will be submitted to the Parliament. It will be finalized after the meetings of the commission and the general assembly, and the regulation will come into effect after it is published in the Official Gazette. Debts to be cleared will cover individual debts. A certain date will be determined for the debts to be deleted. It is stated that this may be August 15 in the first studies. Another condition for the cancellation of debts will be that the execution process has started for the debt of the citizen. The citizen has debt, but if the enforcement process has not started, it will not be covered.

Speaking about the arrangement, Treasury and Finance Minister Nureddin Nebati said, “We aim to liquidate these debts without putting a significant burden on the public finances. In these debts, asset management companies and companies or institutions that keep books according to the business account constitute the creditor side. Borrowers are real persons. Citizens will get rid of nearly 30 billion lira of executive debt burden. In this way, the execution debts of the citizens at the lower income level, which were most affected by the global economic crisis and the epidemic, will be liquidated.

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