Why does motivation drop? – Health News

Motivation is not something that is stored for once and then stays at the same height as you take the planned action. Contrary to popular belief, motivation needs to be preserved, refreshed and increased. Motivation is like an internal fuel. It is important to spend this fuel in the right place for the right action. Stress is one of the factors that cause a decrease in motivation. When we are under stress, our mind is suppressed. In such cases, we must reconsider our decisions. Because stress can bring our short-term interests to the forefront and cause us to err on long-term plans and situations that require action. Studies show that being under stress reduces motivation and negatively affects the decisions taken. For this reason, doing breathing exercises in stressful situations and focusing on the breath and body, albeit for a short time, will contribute more. Setting difficult goals to achieve is also a factor in the decrease in motivation. In the face of unsustainable and difficult goals, your mind will not want to take action after a while. One of the important issues to be considered here is “I can’t do it, I can’t…” in the face of difficult goals.

form of labeling. This can convince your mind and make you feel inadequate. Instead, it is important to renew the goal or develop a new strategy for the transition from the current condition to the desired one. Perhaps the most important demotivating factor is not spending the internal fuel in the right place. For example, you are motivated, you will spend an hour alone with a great book and coffee, and at that moment you say, “I’ll clean the house, finish this job, do that and then I’ll start”. After you have finished all the work in your mind, you may want to do something different instead of reading a book and drinking coffee, or you may realize that you are tired. You can apply this example to any area of ​​your life. Spending your motivation for fuel in a different place than the relevant topic can leave you without the fuel to do what you truly desire. If you take a look at the subjects that you think have not come your way in your life, you can find the connection with what you read. Let’s say all the circumstances are right and there are no barriers to taking action, you may still feel that you are not paying attention. The underlying cause may be lack of sleep or your diet.

Insomnia directly affects the forebrain and decision-making. With a tired mind, it becomes difficult to do highly motivated work. Sleep, nutrition and meditation are important to relieve mental fatigue. When the mind is not at peace, it will cause stress, and you will enter a vicious circle about the lack of motivation you experience. Not doing the right time management while planning your day and week also causes a decrease in motivation. The congested energy that comes out of the works that need to be completed in a short time, the projects that need to be completed, the meetings that should not be late will reduce the motivation. While doing time management, you should check what is more important to you, which tasks are more urgent and which tasks are yours. It is often observed that the main reason for people’s density is that they try to do things that belong to others as if they are their own. When you eliminate negative factors, your motivation increases. Throughout life, everything is fine when it is in balance. We should also keep our expectation from motivation in balance. Thinking about working with high motivation all the time is also not a sustainable goal. Fuel should get you from where you are to where you want to be. Thinking of teleporting there at once will take you to the beginning of this article.

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