Who is the Girl in the Glass Billur? Merve Polat plays the Girl in the Glass Billur! How old is Merve Polat?

Information about KANAL D’s “Girl in the Glass” series, which comes to the screen every Thursday, is being investigated. The actors of the series are curious about it. But who is the Girl in the Glass Billur?

Who is the Girl in the Glass Billur?

He is Nalan’s best friend. They are close because they are the exact opposite of each other. Nalan feels good and comfortable with Billur. For Billur, nothing is impossible in this life. He is an open-minded person who can easily question all the stereotypes imposed by the world. He always takes great care of himself.

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Who is Merve Polat?

Merve Polat was born and raised in Istanbul. The young actress was born in 1990. Saying that she has been interested in the acting profession since her childhood, Merve Polat completed her master’s degree in Film and Drama at Kadir Has University after studying history at Marmara University. Merve Polat plays the character of Girl in the Glass Billur.

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