Who is Nuriye Terim? How old is Nuriye Terim, why did she die?

A National Football Team and former coach of Galatasaray Fatih Terim‘s mother’s mother Nuriye Terim He died in the morning hours of 25 November.


Nuriye Terim was born in Adana in 1931. Nuriye Terim, who lost her husband Talat Terim in 2019, has another son named Taner Terim.

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Nuriye Terim fell ill in October and was taken to a private hospital in Adana and taken to intensive care. Nuriye Terim lost her life despite the interventions made today. It was stated that Nuriye Terim will be buried next to her husband Talat Terim’s grave in the Asri Cemetery after the noon prayer tomorrow.

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Nuriye Terim passed away at the age of 91. On the other hand, Fatih Terim moved to Adana to accept his condolences and attend the funeral.

It was learned that Terim’s body, who was taken to the morgue of a private hospital in the city, will be buried next to his wife Talat Terim’s grave tomorrow.

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