Which Doctor to Go to for Sleep Apnea? Which Part Takes Care of Sleep Apnea?

Which Doctor to Go to for Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea, which can create temporary suffocation that lasts for a few seconds, can interfere with regular sleep in particular. In such cases, diagnosis and treatment methods should be discussed at the relevant doctor and polyclinic. In this context, an experienced otolaryngologist should be seen. Thus, early diagnosis and necessary treatment methods can resolve the problem. At the same time, depending on the problem, different polyclinics may be involved in the process through referral.

Which Part Takes Care of Sleep Apnea?

When sleep apnea is in question, the department of otolaryngology comes to the clinic. Through this section, the specialist otolaryngologist performs the relevant diagnosis and examination. Of course, hospitals also have the chance to apply to ENT polyclinics in this regard. In fact, these polyclinics provide mutual referrals for sleep apnea problems. It is one of the important health problems that must be taken seriously and treated.

What Are the Symptoms of Sleep Apnea?

Certain symptoms provide information about whether or not sleep apnea is experienced. In line with this prominent information, it is necessary to consult a doctor through the relevant polyclinic.

– Loud snoring
– Attacks of respiratory arrest witnessed by others
– waking up from sleep
– Sore throat and dry mouth when the person wakes up in the morning

In general, the above symptoms can give information that the person has sleep apnea. Of course, in order to get a definitive answer, it is necessary to consult a specialist doctor in line with the otolaryngology outpatient clinic.

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