Which Doctor to Go to for Nails? Which Department Takes Care of Nail Diseases?

Which Doctor to Go to for Nails?

All nail related ailments are assisted by Orthopedics and doctors in the hospital. The formation of nail disorders is due to more than one reason. In the formation of diseases such as nail fungus, support from dermatologists is required. Some nail diseases cause other diseases. Therefore, it is important to determine treatment methods before it is too late.

Which Department Takes Care of Nail Diseases?

For nail diseases, the hospital’s Orthopedics department should be consulted. However, in case of fungal infection, dermatology departments are responsible for determining the necessary treatment methods. Determining the right treatment methods and transparently approaching the specialist doctors, the recovery processes of the patients are fast in that direction.

Why Do Nail Diseases Occur?

Nail diseases caused by insufficient nutrition and malnutrition are common.

In case of zinc, calcium and vitamin B3 deficiency, some disorders occur in the nails.

Determination of hormonal nail diseases related to the person’s genes

Occurrence of circulatory disorders

Nail diseases due to some drug use

Experiencing fluorine poisoning

What are the Common Nail Diseases?

Spoon nail diseases are one of the most common nail diseases.

Pincer nail diseases

Racket nail diseases

Nail fungus diseases, dermatology department helps in the treatment processes.


Nail diseases lead to the formation of disturbances related to the social life of the person over time and to a painful life. As an unbearable process, nail diseases, treatment methods such as drugs and surgery determined by specialist doctors and safe and fast recovery processes are applied.

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