Which Doctor to Go to for Nail Fungus? Which Part Causes Nail Fungus?

What is Nail Fungus?

Another name for nail fungus is onychomycosis. It is a disease that appears as a white or yellow spot on the underside of the tip of the finger or toenails. Of course, it is also possible to progress well after the starting point. So it appears to be some kind of fungal infection. It draws attention as a common disease because it is seen in many people.

Details About Nail Fungus

There is no single condition that causes nail fungus. Because many different conditions are known to trigger this disease. Especially a type of fungus called dermatophyte often causes nail fungus problem. In addition, various types of molds and yeasts cause this disease.

Nail fungus can sometimes be seen on a single finger, sometimes on more fingers. In other words, the disease has no definite limit.

Which Doctor to Go to for Nail Fungus?

The department to go for nail fungus is the dermatology department. Dermatology department is also known as dermatology department. This section has important treatment methods to find solutions against skin diseases. Required solutions for nail fungus are determined in this section.

Which Part Causes Nail Fungus?

It is known that the department known as dermatology or dermatology applies the necessary treatment against nail fungus. For this, after going to this department, the first examination is made and the diagnosis is made. Then, the most appropriate treatment method is selected according to the spread of the disease. After the procedures, you can get rid of the nail fungus problem.

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