Which Doctor to Go to for Ingrown Nails? Which Section Takes Care of Ingrown Nails?

Which Doctor to Go to for Ingrown Nails?

Depending on the problem caused by ingrown nails, doctors are consulted in different departments. However, in this direction, first of all, support is obtained from a dermatology specialist for the necessary examination and diagnosis. Thus, first of all, the severity of the situation about ingrown nails is understood. Depending on this severity, it is understood what kind of treatment methods will be discussed or referral to another department.

Which Section Takes Care of Ingrown Nails?

When it comes to ingrown nails, the dermatology department comes to the fore first. It can be expressed as a disease with a specialization area. Here, the diagnosis is made with the first examination. If the situation is serious about the treatment, in advanced cases, a referral to different departments where surgical methods can be discussed. However, this problem is usually eliminated under the control of a specialist doctor together with the dermatology department.

Treatment Methods for Ingrown Nails

Non-surgical methods are primarily considered for ingrown nails. This is especially important for saving the nail. However, in cases of severity, operational intervention is considered. Of course, this comes to the fore as a last resort. The person and department that cares for each of all branches is considered dermatology. Surgical intervention as well as non-surgical solution methods are covered in this section k.

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