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Presenting the news on Televisión Española can make you queen off the set, but it can also make you queen on the set. A title, the latter, that does not depend on marriage to an heir or adequate consanguinity, but on something even more complicated and unpredictable: obtaining the favor of the public in one of the most lackluster television places. Ana Blanco has spent 30 years carrying out the thankless task of telling us about wars, crises, attacks, changes of government, natural disasters and even Rosalía’s last tour, where a slip of the tongue led her to change the term “motomami” to “motomari”, which that made even Rosalía herself use it. Because there are prophets who predict the future, but there are also those who make it a reality when they name it, the category to which Ana Blanco belongs.

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30 years without messing up her everlasting hair and achieving the most difficult yet in a genre that is increasingly prostituted and plagued by aspiring prima donna: not taking center stage in a program that places her in the foreground. 30 years of public service. 30 years that for Gardel would be more than nothing, but for many it is almost a lifetime.

In Lost, Desmond, disoriented by time travel, made Penelope, his girlfriend, his constant. He didn’t care what year she was in or where she was, a call to his beloved anchored him to earth. Ana Blanco has been our Penelope for the last three decades, one who has not needed to unravel any tapestry to wait for us, Ulises punctual for her appointment. And now who will tell us? We still have an ace up our sleeve: we can not assume the news of her departure from her news until she gives it. But oh, the day after. The day after we will wake up and Ana Blanco will no longer be there.

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