What time does voting start and end? 28 May 2023 voting hours…

The Presidential Election, which will be experienced for the first time in Turkish political history, is only hours away from the second round of voting. On May 28, voters will vote only in the ballot boxes where they are registered, at the place and ballot box written on the voter information sheet sent to the address. Sunday, May 28, 2023 Before the Presidential election, which will be held on the same day, voters are wondering about the time to go to the polls.


Voting will start at 08:00 tomorrow and will end at 17:00 across Turkey. However, even though it is 17.00, the voters waiting to cast their votes at the ballot box will cast their votes in turn after being counted by the president.

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If there are voters waiting to cast their votes at the end of the voting process, the chairman of the ballot box committee will allow them to cast their votes in turn after counting the voters and taking their IDs. Voters arriving after 17.00 will not be able to vote.

On the other hand, on the morning of the election, the ballot box committee, consisting of the chairman of the ballot box committee, civil servants and the representatives of the 5 political parties that received the most votes in the last election, will meet at the polling station at 07:00.

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The ballot box committee will first read the oath and the ballot box will be sealed by the president. Then, the voting envelopes will be counted, the packages containing the ballot papers will be opened, and the backs of the envelopes and ballot papers will be sealed.

Preparations will be completed at 07.00-08.00, the voting process will start at 08:00 and will last until 17:00. If there are people waiting in line as of 17.00, these people will be counted by the chairman of the ballot box committee and they will be able to vote.

The ballot box committee officer will find the name of the voter on the ballot box voters list by taking the identity of the voter, and after performing the checks, he will give the Presidential Election combined ballot paper, envelope and seal and ask him to vote in the cabin.

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The Chairman of the ballot box committee will warn the voters not to put any other materials in the envelope, not to put a sign on the ballots and the envelope, and to indicate that no second ballot paper will be given so that the vote will not be considered invalid.

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