What lowers blood pressure, how does it lower? What to do to lower blood pressure

High blood pressure can cause many health problems and is a condition that needs to be taken care of. Dietitian Ceysi Kazado answered the questions: “Which foods can we use to lower high blood pressure, what should we avoid to prevent blood pressure from rising?”

High blood pressure (hypertension) is the high pressure exerted by the blood inside the vessel against the vessel wall. Due to high blood pressure, occlusion, enlargement or rupture of the vessels feeding the organs may occur. Since high blood pressure will cause many different health problems, lowering it is of great importance.


Obesity Being under intense stress Excessive alcohol consumption High salty food consumption Painkillers Excessive tea and coffee consumption Smoking


Here are some of the procedures that people with high blood pressure problems should do in order to lower their blood pressure with natural methods:

First, wash your head with cold water. Cold water will help lower blood pressure as it will stimulate your nerves. If you are feeling well, you can also take a cold shower. Lemon water is one of the most effective blood pressure lowering methods. Squeeze a lot of lemon into a glass of water and have a nice drink. Salt and salt-containing foods should be strictly avoided. The most important element in the prepared diet programs is the amount of salt, salt should be consumed at a minimum level. Garlic consumption will also be effective in lowering blood pressure. Regular consumption of beetroot will prevent your blood pressure from rising due to the nitrate in it. Antioxidant foods should be consumed regularly.

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