What is the meaning of the name Onur? Is the name honor mentioned in the Qur’an, what does the TDK dictionary mean?

But this name is mostly preferred for boys. Honor means self-respect.

What is the meaning of the name Onur?

The meaning of the name Honor means the honor, respect and value that people show. The name Onur is among the special names that can be preferred for girls and boys, which are used very frequently in our country. On average, 31% prefer this name in Turkey. According to the Turkish Language Association, this name, which has two different meanings, is frequently preferred for babies. This name, which has a very noble meaning, can often be used for boys as well. The name honor means dignity, honor and self-esteem.

Is the name of honor mentioned in the Quran?

The name honor is not a name mentioned in the Quran. But since its meaning is beautiful, this name can be given to children easily. The use of the name Onur, which has a very beautiful meaning, is also permissible in our religion. This name, which is in no way included in the forbidden names, is permissible in our religion. Parents can easily choose this name for their children.

What does the name Onur mean? TDK Dictionary Meaning?

TDK dictionary meaning of the name Onur is frequently researched. This name has two different meanings according to the TDK dictionary. These are:


It means honor, value, on which the respect shown by others is based.

The name Onur has a very simple and noble meaning. This name, which can be used easily by everyone, has a very important meaning in the dictionary. Honour; means self-respect, honor and values. People with this name are people who have a great self-respect and cannot stand injustice.

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