What is the big danger waiting for Istanbul?

The dry summer season increased the temperature in the seas. Cold air in the upper layers caused evaporation. The downpour in Istanbul turned into a flood. The streams overflowed and damage occurred in many points. CNN TÜRK Meteorology Advisor Prof. Dr. Orhan Şen said, “As long as there is a Black Sea and prevailing winds in the north, these excessive rainfalls always come to Istanbul.”

Streams that overflowed in flood areas caused destruction. In a possible disaster, Riva, Kurbağalıdere, Kağıthane and Alibey Stream do not pose a great risk of floods. However, Prof. Dr. Orhan Şen explained that Ayamama, Menekşe and Haramidere are streams that are very prone to disasters.

Prof. Dr. Orhan Şen stated that settlements should not be built on stream beds in order to avoid being affected by floods.

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