What is hydrocarbon? Where to use? What does it do?

There are posts about hydrocarbons on social media. On the internet, hydrocarbon has become one of the most searched words. But what is a hydrocarbon? Where to use?

What is hydrocarbon?

Hydrocarbon is the general name of chemical compounds consisting only of carbon and hydrogen CxHy atoms. For example, methane is a hydrocarbon composed of one carbon and four hydrogen atoms.

What are the types of hydrocarbons?

Depending on their structure, hydrocarbons are classified as aliphatic, aromatic and alicyclic compounds. Aliphatic and alicyclic compounds are also classified as saturated and unsaturated. The saturated hydrocarbon contains as much hydrogen as possible, and the carbons are connected to each other by a single electron bond formed by an electron pair. In unsaturated hydrocarbons, the carbons are linked to each other by double or triple bonds.

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