What is Adblue, what does it do? How much does Adblue cost?

Adblue price is frequently investigated by people who want to use this product in their vehicles. Adblue can be defined as a non-toxic, water-clear, 32.5% solution of urea in deionized water, which is used to chemically reduce the NOx emission created by diesel fueled heavy-duty vehicles. In the exhaust systems of vehicles, nitrogen oxides (NOx) are converted into nitrogen gas (N2) and water vapor (H2O) during the chemical catalytic decomposition with this substance.


Today, the use of AdBlue has become a necessity to meet Euro 6 standards. Since AdBlue freezes below -11 °C, the tank is offered as heated in vehicles and can be of different sizes. AdBlue can be obtained from most of the fuel stations throughout Turkey.


AdBlue fluid takes up much less space compared to diesel fuel. For example, when the mixing ratio is 4%, only 40 liters of AdBlue are required for 1000 liters of diesel fuel. The mixing ratio of AdBlue liquid is fixed and adjusted according to diesel fuel. According to the engine manufacturers using the SCR system, it is possible to save up to 6% of fuel in vehicles using the SCR system compared to vehicles that do not use the SCR system.


The price of Adblue, which is sold in 5 liter, 10 liter and larger sizes, varies according to the brand, but the average 5 liters can vary between 99 TL and 200 TL.

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