What Does Promotion Mean, TDK Dictionary Meaning? What Does Promotion Pay Mean?

According to the Turkish Language Association (TDK), the word promotion, which has many different meanings, can be used in different sentences or alone in Turkish.

What Does Promotion Mean?

Promotion is a name given to the advertising work carried out by a brand to promote the services it offers to its customers or the products it produces. Some of the words that are close and synonymous with the word promotion can be listed as follows: 1- Advertisement, 2- Encouragement, 3- Promotion.

Today, the most effective promotion methods include offering the products bearing the brand name, logo and emblem of the companies to the public. Almost all of these products are distributed free of charge. The main purpose here is to strengthen the brand image and ensure that the company is heard by large masses.

What is the TDK dictionary meaning of the word promotion?

The word promotion is one of the most frequently used words in our language. The word promotion is a word of French origin. According to TDK, the word promotion is known as encouragement. Promotion also means presenting and presenting.

Determining the name and slogan of the product is also among the most important duties and responsibilities of promotion companies. Today, this promotion method is mostly preferred with souvenirs. The most important reason for this is that the promotion is much more economical than written and visual advertisements.

What Does Promotion Pay Mean?

Every company makes some salary agreements with banks. For example, the appropriation allocated for education or health is kept in the banks with which the agreement is made. The increase in this money with interest over the years is reflected as a promotion to retirees and employees. In addition to this, companies are also paid in return for salary agreements with banks. This payment also forms an important part of salary promotions.

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