What Does Müptela Mean, TDK Dictionary Meaning? Who Is Addicted To?

What Does Addiction Mean?

Addicted is an adjective used for people. As it is known, adjectives in Turkish are used to express qualities and properties. The adjective addicted is also a bad adjective in terms of meaning. Because addicted means an addict with a bad habit. This person, who is fond of something bad, is afflicted and caught in the disease.

What is the meaning of Müptela TDK Dictionary?

According to the Turkish Language Association, addicted means addicted, afflicted, in love and scam. This word, which has passed from the Arabic language to the Turkish language, is frequently used in our language with the aforementioned meaning. There are also proverbs and idioms in which the word “addict” is used. An example of this subject is the sentence of being addicted.

Who Is Addicted To?

Nowadays, we call people who have bad habits addicted. For example, we use the word addicted to people who are addicted to alcohol or banned substances. In addition, we call people who are in love and profiteering addicted. We use the phrase addicted to the individual who is very much in love with a person. As it is known, people with bad habits are addicted. People who are addicted to work are called addicts.

Example Sentences Using the Word Addiction

Here are some examples of sentences in which the word addicted is used:

– My wife is addicted to gambling, my marriage is over.

– You can only solve the banned substance addiction through an expert.

– An alcoholic drinks every night.

– Since this product is addicted to a lot, it is constantly produced.

– She loved her husband so much that she almost became addicted to him.

Is there a synonym for the word addicted?

Synonyms are synonyms that have the same spelling but different meanings. We can say that the word Müptezel, which has the same meaning as the word addict, but has different spellings, is a synonym for the word addict.

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