What Does Individual Mean, TDK Dictionary Meaning? What Does an Individual Event Mean?

What Does Individual Mean?

Considered in different ways, the word Münferit corresponds to Turkish.

– Being on your own

– Single and separate

– Individual, individual separation

In this way, the word “Individual” is expressed within different words and phrases. In other words, it is possible to consider them as a set of personal and individual decisions, behaviors and practices.

What is the Dictionary Meaning of Individual TDK?

When handled through the dictionary of the Turkish Language Institution, the word “Individual” is used in line with the meanings such as being on its own, single and separate. It refers to the situations and behaviors and decisions that the person has handled individually. In this context, Individuality indicates availability. In other words, it tells about the individual being alone and doing certain things alone.

What Does an Individual Event Mean?

The word Münferit is used a lot in daily life, especially over the individual event phrase. For generalized side events, which should be kept separately in this direction, the word group Individual event comes to the fore. In other words, it shows exceptional situations within the scope of any event, thought or different subject. It does not compare and combine with the cases taken in general. This situation describes its feature and exception in the face of an event that may occur.

“I hope this isolated incident will not happen again.”

In this way, it is widely used in a sentence with its prominent meaning above.

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