What Does Concise Mean, TDK Dictionary Meaning? How is the Withholding Tax Calculated?

What Does Concise Mean, TDK Dictionary Meaning?

The things that are told without going into too much detail are called concise. In order for an article or statement to be concise, it must first be short and concise. For example, the summary of a 30-page story should be at most 2 or 3 pages.

Concise with babbling is antonym. “Longing the talk”, “reading maval” and “jaw race” are idioms that have antonyms with the words concise and summary.

The second meaning of this word is simplicity. Concise is used as a word of praise for those who avoid ostentation, unnecessary luxury and pomp. The simplified versions of the books with more than 400 – 500 pages are also called concise. These works are generally aimed at children. However, anyone who wants to read the summary of important works can obtain and read these books.

Synonyms with Concise

1- Mummel

Briefly explain the summary; Mucmel means summary.

2- Execution

Derived from the word succinct, ijaz means both speaking miraculously and telling one’s problems clearly to the other party.

How is the Withholding Tax Calculated?

Only employers are responsible for the withholding tax, also known as withholding tax. In order to calculate the withholding tax, first the gross rental value must be calculated. The gross rental value is then multiplied by 0.20. The result is the withholding tax to be paid.

Sample sentences

“This year, there has been a 40% increase in the withholding taxes.”

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