What Causes Diarrhea During Pregnancy, How Does It Go? Is Abdominal Pain Normal During Pregnancy?

What Causes Diarrhea During Pregnancy, How Does It Go?

Diarrhea may be present in case of soft or watery stools more than twice a day. Diarrhea is common in pregnant women due to hormonal changes.

Sometimes diarrhea may be accompanied by abdominal pain, nausea, fever and vomiting. In such cases, the possibility of food poisoning comes to mind. The real cause of diarrhea can be learned with a doctor’s examination and stool analysis. Diarrhea alone can be considered normal during pregnancy, but in the presence of other complaints, it is recommended to seek medical help.

Viruses, bacteria, stomach flu, intestinal parasites parasites can also cause diarrhea. For each cause, first of all, a correct diagnosis should be made by the doctor and appropriate treatment should be applied. It can be said that it is necessary to see a doctor in diarrhea that lasts more than two or three days. Sometimes the cause of diarrhea can be vitamins and other supplements used during pregnancy. In such cases, the complaints come to an end with an arrangement made by the doctor regarding the purchase of medication.

Nutrition during pregnancy is very important for the health of mother and baby and for the normal development of the baby. Meticulous attention should be paid to natural, healthy and balanced nutrition. With proper nutrition, intestinal irregularities can be prevented. When there is a complaint of diarrhea, foods such as boiled potatoes, rice porridge, bananas and carrots can be consumed.

In addition, water and healthy liquid foods should be consumed during diarrhea periods where the body loses water. Thus, the lost water is replaced and the health of the mother and baby is benefited.

Diarrhea complaints, which are common especially in the first and last months of pregnancy, raise concerns for the health of the baby. However, diarrhea alone is not a problem that will harm the baby.

Is Abdominal Pain Normal During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, pain may be experienced in areas such as the abdomen, groin, waist. The enlargement of the uterus and the pressure on other organs can cause pain. Therefore, you should not panic because of abdominal pain during pregnancy. It may just be necessary to take care of rest.

On the other hand, abdominal pain can sometimes be a sign of miscarriage, premature birth or similar problems. It would be beneficial to see a doctor, especially if there are problems such as bleeding or dark discharge with abdominal pain, fever, vomiting, sudden edema in the hands and feet. The reason should be learned with a doctor’s examination without panic.

What to Do for Diarrhea Complaints During Pregnancy?

Diarrhea complaints during pregnancy are usually so normal that they don’t need to be worried. It can be contented with applying diets with foods that are good for diarrhea. Diarrhea usually goes away in a day or two. Paying attention to the diet, avoiding heavy foods such as frying, and not consuming fibrous foods for a while can also be a solution to diarrhea.

Be cautious about using antibiotics. If there are other complaints besides diarrhea and it is revealed that there is an important infection in the tests, the medicine should be used in accordance with the doctor’s advice.

It is known that chamomile tea is good for diarrhea. Therefore, chamomile tea can also be drunk. On the other hand, it should not be forgotten that it is necessary to consult a doctor about the use of herbal teas during pregnancy. Because in addition to the benefits of herbal teas, there may also be negative side effects, especially for the pregnancy period.

Loss of fluid in the body can lower blood pressure. Therefore, plenty of fluids should be taken. Adequate fluid intake is also important for the development of the baby.

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