Wetlands in Gaziantep became a frequent destination for bird photographers

The city, which hosts different species of birds in many wetlands, especially the Doğanpınar and Kayacık dams in Oğuzeli district, attracts ornithologists and scientists from all over Turkey, especially in the spring months when migration is intense. bird photographersIt welcomes .

In the city, which is home to rare migratory species, summer duck, thornbill, cape dove, great sandpiper, sociable wren, black-throated warbler, eagle owl, striped scops bird, striped sandpiper, black-winged marsh swallow, little coot, field thrush. It is possible to observe more than 200 birds such as the Izmir kingfisher.

Gaziantep Yakup Yener, President of the Photographic Art Association, stated that the city is one of the provinces with the highest bird population in Turkey.

Stating that the wetlands in Gaziantep are one of the few bird observation spots in Turkey, Yener said:

“Many birds come and even bird/ornito photographers come from all over Turkey and every region to observe these birds and photograph the birds. There are many bird observation points in Gaziantep, but especially the water edges are very important. A friend of ours saw a summer duck that had not been seen for a long time. “We came with the hope of catching (photographing) it, and even friends from out of town came when they heard the news. Our biggest problem is unconscious hunting. Animals run away and it becomes difficult to photograph.”


Ömer Işık stated that he was happy to photograph the bird, which had not been observed for a long time, and said, “We came across it by chance yesterday, and we were very happy. It was taken about 10 years ago in Turkey. It is a bird species that is decreasing in number of species and is on the verge of extinction. It is very nice for us.” “It’s a feeling. If only we had the opportunity to protect these birds, there could be many more different species in this region. Doğanpınar is a really important point in terms of bird population, we need to appreciate this place,” he said.

Ergün Cengiz, who came from Istanbul after hearing that the bird was recorded, said:

“A very important record was taken here yesterday, a species of summer duck. It had not been seen in Turkey for a very long time. In fact, it was a species that bred in many areas in Turkey until the late 1990s. It became extinct very quickly in Turkey. It is also a very important species for Europe.” It has become a species. It is currently breeding in the south of Turkey, Israel and Lebanon, but it has not been seen in Turkey for about 10 years. The last time there was a breeding pair in Mersin Göksu Delta, but it has not been seen for 10 years. 5 birds were seen yesterday , we were excited, so we came right away in the morning, but we couldn’t see it until now. When you research the genre for a long time, it seems like a familiar face that you always wanted to see but never saw. When you see him on the field, when you watch him, there is a great excitement. To feel this taste, this excitement. “I came from Istanbul for this.”

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