We will protect the Baltic states in the event of a military attack

Germany chancellor Olaf Scholzmet with Prime Minister Kaja Kallas in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.

Olaf Scholz, Germany Ukraineto “how long it takes” He said he will continue to support

“This decision is without hesitation,” Scholz said, adding that together with the Baltic states, the European Union and international partners, Germany will continue to stand by Ukraine and provide assistance as long as necessary.

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Scholz assured that Germany would protect them in the event of a military attack on the Baltic states.

Stating that the German navy has increased its presence in the Baltic Sea, Scholz said:

“We have to protect our allies in the event of a military attack. We have taken the necessary steps, the German army is set up so that we can defend Eastern Europe, because the defense of each ally is necessary for the security of the alliance and the whole EU. Our Eurofighter jets are involved in the defense of Estonian airspace, 700 military personnel from Lithuania It helps.”

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Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas noted that Tallinn will continue to support Ukraine in weapons, ammunition and military training.

Kallas also thanked Germany for the final aid package to Ukraine worth 2.7 million Euros.

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