‘We showed that we are always with our women’

President and AKP Chairman Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made statements at the ‘Women’s Meeting’ held at the Istanbul Congress Center.

Highlights from Erdogan’s statements are as follows:

* Dear Istanbul residents, esteemed ladies, valuable members of our business world, my esteemed colleagues, my young brothers, I greet you with my most heartfelt feelings. Through you, I greet all the ladies of our country wholeheartedly. On this occasion, I convey my greetings to our rose-faced mothers, where heaven is laid under their feet. I pay my respects to the mothers who stand guard to regain the pieces of liver that the separatist organization smuggled into the mountains.

* I would like to thank you for the support you have given to myself and the People’s Alliance on 14 May. We obtained the majority with 323 deputies in the parliament. In the Presidency, we finished 5 points ahead of our opponent with 49.54. We have the most critical phase of the elections ahead of us. 1 day left for the second round. We will go to the polls once again this Sunday and make perhaps one of the most important choices of our lives. We will make an important decision about the future of our country and our children.


* We are in the presence of our nation with many works that we have brought to Turkey in the last 20 years. Of course, we are in the presence of our nation with our shortcomings and flaws. We have an example before us that destroyed the SGK and CHP. There is an example of unscrupulousness that throws people out of the door at midnight because they didn’t vote 2 weeks ago. There is someone who distributes flowers from the terrorist ringleaders in Qandil to FETO members to protect his seat.

* Ministry bargaining is on fire. There is a strange person before us who distributed 40 deputies with 1 percent of the vote. It has one more feature, account expertise. What kind of accountancy is this that distributes 40 deputies to those who do not even have 1 percent of the votes. This Sunday, I hope my nation will give them the best example of accounting expertise. There is an example of incompetence that has packed all the evil that Turkish politics has forgotten for 21 years in 3 months.


* Now they ask, evidence. Here is the evidence, the document. What more do you want? They say if you want Selo to come out, you will vote for Kılıçdaroğlu. Who is this Selo? He is the terrorist who caused the death of 51 of our Kurdish brothers in Diyarbakir. He is serving his sentence in Edirne. Isn’t this country a state of law? If you want Selo to emerge completely above the law in the rule of law, how do you think you will vote for us? Therefore, if Erdoğan continues with 323 people, nothing but the law will be manifested.

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* The party founded by Gazi Mustafa Kemal, CHP… He says, what would he write, let alone a general? What does it say to the people, herds of dogs… Who says? He is also a HDP member… I wonder, where is this judiciary? Has the judiciary ever stepped in against someone who attacks in this way? Unfortunately, the judiciary did not intervene. If this was not from them, but from a different group, they would have grabbed him by the collar and let him in for insulting Gazi Mustafa Kemal.

“There is no compensation for the chest”

* They were caught red-handed. They are trying to get away with targeting us and insulting us and our nation. But they cannot cover up the insult. The main responsibility falls on us. We can’t leave it to chance, we can’t let the feeling of being ahead anyhow lead us to complacency. I hope we will complete the work that we left unfinished on May 14 with an overwhelming majority on May 28. We will have no plans other than to vote and claim the ballot boxes on Sunday. Many things in life have compensation, but there is no compensation for the chest. You can go to the picnic later, and the work in the field is done the next day. But the ballot box comes before us only once every 5 years. As on May 28, the election happens once in our lives. From the early hours of the morning, I ask you to go to the voting places and turn them into a place of feast.

* We walked shoulder to shoulder with our female friends during our 40-year political journey. We came to these days with the blessings of our mothers. The most important heroes of our struggle to serve the country and the nation are women. It was women who started the Anatolian revolution with the November 3 election. It is women who saved the Turkish democracy from the darkness of February 28. It is women who challenge the tanks on the night of July 15.

* Don’t worry, we are standing tall. It is women who stand up to terrorist organizations with the watch of their children. Under the epic written in all fields from economy to trade, education to health, there is the signature and sweat of our ladies. When you were turned away from the doors of universities because of your headscarf, you did not despair when you could not find a job because of your dress. Even though you were discriminated against, you ran from success to success in all areas of life. I am with you until the end, to the grave. Just like Nene Hatun and Şerife Bacı, you have already written your name in history with golden letters. Congratulations to all the brave women of our country. We are tired of these lies. We have fit the reform that could not be done in 70 years before us in 21 years. He has his own TV channel, he rants. But some vigilant teenagers are cornering it too. The scholarship was 45 lira when we took office. Now the minimum wage is 850… It’s different for undergraduate, graduate, doctorate. We paved the way for them.

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* We have removed the obstacles in front of five capitals, especially education and working life. We have removed the veiled headscarf barrier. We have removed domestic violence from being a crime based on complaints and turned it into a crime based on ex officio proceedings. We showed that we are always with our women. We stood by our women who are both working and living with their children. We provided the opportunity to work partially. The record in the history of the republic was broken with 36 percent. We have continuously increased the rate of women in politics, which is below 2 percent. This year we reached the highest rate in the history of the republic.


* With 50 deputies, we are the party with the highest number of women deputies in the Parliament. We have implemented many reforms. They have run many campaigns against us since our candidacy for the Istanbul presidency. They said, ‘It will not take women out, it will take away women’s rights’. Not only politicians, but also media organizations, trade unions and NGOs became instruments of this game. We expanded the freedom and representation areas of women, we did not interfere with anyone’s lifestyle. We have preserved this sensitivity. Those who gave speeches to us in the persuasion chambers caused our offspring to suffer.

* Mr. Mr. Kemal should tell this first. They persecuted in the persuasion chambers. Those who suffered this ordeal were always our relatives. Nothing will happen to Mr. Kemal. They persecuted women of all kinds, up to the business life. 1 meter piece of cloth, he said for the head cover. He does any trick that says that. He buys headscarves and wears badges on them. They exhibited all kinds of fascism, from insulting the headscarf to running to court for bans. Why didn’t you go to visit your mothers in Diyarbakır? They will teach you the biggest lesson. Harassment in his organization, persecution of young girls… They sold serial killer resignations to the state with their mouths full. From DHKPC to MLKP, they treated these bastards like flower children. They are trying to scare our nation with lies and slanders. They will not be able to make women partners in their Election defeats.

* This CHP is an LGBT person… This HDP is an LGBT person… is IYI Party LGBTist, since other parties at the seventh table did not speak out, is it LGBT? Can LGBT infiltrate the AK Party? Can LGBT infiltrate the People’s Alliance? Because we believe in the sanctity of the family. Our important step after the election is to establish the family institution in a strong position as soon as possible. We will take this step. Who will be white and who will be white? With this step, we will prove that; The issue of their being national and local will emerge not only in the goods, but also in the family. We will prove how much they are national, how local, how much they follow the path of their ancestors. We need to take precautions against these currents that spread like a plague with the imposition of global powers. Sunday is the test.

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* We will stand by our youth in every step they take. We will give a loan of 150 thousand liras to our young people who will marry, interest-free, without payment for the first 2 years, with a maturity of 4 years. With the support of many other items, we will protect our family structure from the threat of poverty and deviance, and we will be with our youth.


* We will never resort to hate speech that does not look like the Nazi period, as the CHP Chairman did on the issue of asylum seekers. This country, which has been the shelter of the oppressed for centuries, will not let us experience shameful scenes like the Boraltan Bridge disaster again. What were they saying? Do not leave us in the hands of the Emrenis. He tells the Turks. Inonu era… You kill us but don’t leave it to the Armenians… This is the Boraltan disaster… but they ignore it. This is what they have done to the refugees. With the houses we built in the north of Syria, we carried 600 thousand refugees to those houses. With our cooperation with Qatar, we will resettle 1 million refugees in those houses. They fled the war, it could have happened to us too. We cannot do what Mr. Kemal did to those who took refuge in us, this mentality is a terrorist mentality. We will ensure the voluntary, dignified return of asylum seekers to their homeland.

* Germany, America; It takes Syrian refugees. They also took our Alaskan Turks. Are we such an ordinary country that we cannot open our doors to such immigrants as America, Germany, France?

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