‘We can nominate a candidate against Akşener’

The pre-congress activity started in the IYI Party, which went to the ordinary congress process. The “Common Mind Platform”, formed by dissident figures from within the party, announced that they would be able to face the IYI Party leader Meral Akşener at the congress.

Released: 08.06.2023 – 04:00

Update: 08.06.2023 – 04:00


The “Common Mind Platform” demanded that the “unsuccessful alliance and the architects of the 6-table process be publicly accountable”, which caused the party’s loss of votes.

In the statement, which asked to stop the elimination of Turkish nationalists from the management cadres, it was said, “The GOOD Party should not establish any conflict of interest with the government by making behind-the-scenes politics.” The statement referred to the allegations that some organizations had infiltrated the party and demanded that the names that came to the agenda be removed from the party.

On the other hand, as a result of the voting held in the IYI Party yesterday, Ankara deputy Koray Aydın became the head of the group. Erhan Usta and Musavat Dervişoğlu were elected as the IYI Party Group Deputy Chairmen.

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