We are competing with foreigners, not AKP.

Democrat Party member İlay Aksoy shared the foreign voter lists she received from the YSK. Speaking to Cumhuriyet, Aksoy said, “We are not competing with the AKP, but with foreigners in the election.”

Released: 27.05.2023 – 03:00

Update: 27.05.2023 – 03:00


İlay Aksoy, Deputy Chairman of the Democratic Party in charge of Immigration and Social Policies, “Be very careful with the names, place of birth and age of birth on the list I received from the YSK. In these elections, AKP is directly interfering with our will by giving citizenship to foreigners and by doing demographic engineering. There are 124 countries in total” he said.

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(Ilay Aksoy)

Aksoy pointed out that there is a disproportionate accumulation of the Middle East population in Turkey. “Foreigners will have a great influence in these elections as well. At the moment, we have not entered an election with the People’s Alliance. We are trying to win an election against foreigners. Because unjustly, even though they have no rights in our country, they have a say over our sovereignty. 1.5 million foreigners will vote” said.

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