Ways to overcome test anxiety for LGS candidates

Stating that the biggest obstacle for the success of the students who continue their preparations to get a good education in schools such as Anatolian and Science High Schools, stress and exam anxiety, Head of Guidance and Psychological Counseling Department Prof. Dr. Ragip Ozyurekmade important recommendations to the candidates to remove these obstacles.

Özyürek said that students should pay attention to their psychological, physical and social conditions during the exam week, which is a difficult process.In order to overcome test anxiety, I recommend students to mentally rest themselves. They can also do physical activities. Let them start getting up early in the morning as if they are going to go to the exam. In the last days, they can practice with question solutions by keeping the exam period.” said.


Interpreting one of the most important reasons for exam anxiety as candidates feel incomplete in their exam preparations, Prof. Dr. Ragıp Özyürek said, “We can say that the appearance of thoughts that are not related to the exam during the exam is exam anxiety. They may intensely think that they will not be able to get into the school they want. They may indulge in thoughts such as fear of falling behind from their friends, not being able to fulfill their parents’ wishes.r. A lot of thoughts may come to mind during the exam as soon as possible. They may also experience muscle tension and nausea due to exam stress. They may show psychological reactions such as sweating. These are signs of test anxiety” he said.

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Noting that exam anxiety can continue in some candidates after the exam, Özyürek made the following suggestions to candidates and their parents to get rid of this anxiety:

“Students can also think of test anxiety as exam preparation anxiety. Exam preparation anxiety in children may continue after the exam. On the basis of this lies the fact that the student or his environment cares a lot about the exam, he constantly thinks about the exam, and the candidate does not show the desired performance in the exam.

In order to overcome the anxiety that can continue after the exam, it is necessary not to put pressure on the student to see what he/she has achieved after the exam. The children will have already done their best in their own way. In particular, we do not see the pressure exerted by the family and relatives as appropriate. In order to overcome exam anxiety, first of all, it is necessary to prepare well for the exam. In this respect, especially the 7th and 11th grades should complete their exam skills in a multi-disciplined, determined and planned manner while they still have time. The financial and moral support of families is also important in this process as much as possible.”

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prof. Dr. Ragıp Özyürek listed his suggestions to overcome test anxiety as follows;

First of all, they should be physically strong, and for this, make sure that they sleep efficiently. It is extremely useful to get up early on the exam day and go to the exam venue early to overcome their excitement. If possible, they should not go to bed late at night, and they can do breathing and muscle relaxation movements before going to bed at night. Parents should also stay away from approaches that cause stress. Do not put pressure on their children. Candidates being outdoors the day before the exam will reduce their stress. I suggest avoiding the exam as much as possible. They can prioritize their social lives, engage in cultural or physical activities before the last days of the exam. In order to reduce the intense anxiety they feel during the exam, they should start with the easiest and best questions they can do first. They can mark the questions they cannot do and try to solve them again in the remaining time. They should be careful not to waste time with questions they can’t do and not to miss questions they can do.”

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Özyürek, who also makes suggestions about focusing on the exam, said, “Students with high exam anxiety, especially those with very clear physiological reactions, may become overly excited in the first minutes of the exam. To manage this anxiety, I recommend our candidates to do breathing exercises and muscle relaxation movements. With these movements, they can reduce the weight on them a little bit. As more oxygen will go to the brain with exercises, the tension on them will also decrease.

The 2023 High School Transition System (LGS) will be held across the country on June 4, 2023.

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