See Security Of Officials In The Bear Costumes Of Confront Monkeys

The dramatic growth in north India in the last few years has shunted wildlife such as monkeys out of its own boundaries. As habitat continues to eat away more and more woods, the association between the people and reptiles becomes more complex.

Two ITBP personnel today concealed themselves and were observed in video chasing monkeys off their camp at the Mirthi, news agency ANI reported of Uttarakhand.

The monkeys vanished into the forests as they saw that the Border Police employees.

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The movie has got 13,500 perspectives, over 800 contains Twitter in lots of laughter and enjoys since being shared on the internet.

Last month, an airport in Gujarat was observed in movie chasing a group of big monkeys on the grounds of the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport dressed as a bear, news agency ANI reported.

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With payoff towns and many cities across India have discovered themselves.

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