Warning from the specialist about ‘Strep A’ disease in children

Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology Specialist Prof. Dr. Mesut Yilmazwarned against iGAS disease, which threatens children and can have serious consequences if not treated in a timely manner.

prof. Dr. Yılmaz pointed out that iGAS is a serious bacterial infection that can lead to serious diseases such as sepsis, necrotizing fasciitis and streptococcal toxic shock syndrome.The importance of detecting invasive Group A streptococci in children cannot be overstated. This infection can progress rapidly, causing serious illness and potentially fatal.” he said.


Noting that iGAS symptoms can often be confused with other diseases, Prof. Dr. Mesut Yılmaz underlined that the disease should be caught and treated early with various tests.

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prof. Dr. Yılmaz concluded his words as follows:

“Symptoms of iGAS in children can include fever, sore throat, difficulty swallowing, abdominal pain and rash. However, these symptoms may not be specific and may mimic other common childhood diseases. Therefore, it is important for physicians to suspect iGAS, especially in children who are unwell and do not respond to standard treatments. Various diagnostic tests are available for iGAS. The result of throat culture, which is the gold standard, can take 48-72 hours. This test is recommended for children with suspected streptococcal infection, especially those at high risk for invasive disease. Tests with polymerase chain reaction (PCR) are as good as culture and can give results in 60-75 minutes. In Medipol Mega Hospital, Invasive Group A streptococcus PCR-based methods can be detected effectively and very quickly. In conclusion, detection of invasive Group A streptococcus in children is critical to prevent serious illness and death. Physicians should have a high index of suspicion for this infection and be familiar with appropriate diagnostic and treatment strategies. Good hygiene practices and prevention through vaccination can also play an important role in reducing the burden of iGAS in children.”

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