Visa work with the EU begins – Last Minute Türkiye News

A consensus was reached between the European Union and Ankara to facilitate Schengen visas for students and businessmen. Delegations consisting of Turkish and EU officials will begin technical negotiations in a short time.

According to Hürriyet Newspaper, the option of issuing multiple visas is being considered to reduce the problem. With multiple visas, you can visit as many Schengen Area countries as desired within the validity period. In addition, work is being carried out with different embassies for tourist visas. In this context, we are working on the example of Hungary, where rapid results are obtained with online application.

Additionally, negotiations are ongoing to increase the number of personnel receiving visa applications at embassies. It is also aimed to speed up the processes regarding rejected applications and to speed up the process of receiving new applications.

According to the news, efforts for visa liberalization will also be accelerated. According to official data, 778 thousand Schengen applications were made from Turkey in 2022. 15 percent of these applications were rejected. Rejection rates were around 9 percent in 2019.

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