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NB- Melike Şahin

Getting a Schengen visa to go to European Union countries has become difficult in recent days.

Appointments are given to a later date, the approval process for those who can apply is extended. The number of people whose applications were rejected is high…

Tourism professional Barış Meletlioğlu underlined that he was having trouble getting an appointment date for the visa, and said, “While we were able to get most of the applications approved, we started getting a lot of rejections right now.” said.

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Meletlioğlu said, “While we made nearly 4 thousand guests travel on European tours in the summer period last year, this year it caused a decrease in the number of reservations by 50 percent and cancellations.” he said.


Some embassy officials state that the prolongation of the visa process is due to the increase in the number of applications and the remote working order.

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Tourism agencies, on the other hand, say they face customers.

Some visa application centers issue a warning that the processing process may take longer while making an appointment.

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