Vedat Bilgin’s confession of ‘salary injustice’ about retirement

As it is known, the AKP government increased the lowest pension to 7,500 liras last April, with election-adjusted regulations. The pensions of those whose root pension is below this figure are completed to 7 thousand 500 liras with the payment made by the Treasury.

Thus, those who work for many years and pay higher and more premiums and those who pay less “lowest monthly”has been synchronized. The arrangement drew a huge response. Now, the government, which accepts the mistake, acts on the possibility of winning the election. “correction” marks the month of July.

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Bilgin, who participated in a television program and stated that the pensions were issued in July in the legal procedure, said:

“Approximately 9.5 million people benefited from 7 thousand 500 liras. Our retired people are round 15 million people. There are people who can’t take advantage of it and have paid premiums. There was great demand from them. Mr. President, we will make arrangements about them in the program he attended. We will reevaluate all this in July. There will be a gradual increase, taking into account the premium paid.”

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