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“It gives you patience, calmness and the instinct to take advantage of the right moment to take out the fish”, Edinson Cavani (Salto, Uruguay; 35 years old), a new Valencia CF player, said in an interview about one of his favorite hobbies, fishing. . The Uruguay River, as it passes through Salto, the attacker’s hometown, is considered one of the key points for capturing dorados and bogas. Four large basins converge with rivers, streams and ravines that offer various possibilities of fishing in fresh water for those who like to catch river fish.

Salto’s ‘Matador’, a 35-year-old twilight striker who will turn 36 in February, finds in Mestalla the fishing ground in which to continue scoring goals, as he has done throughout his career. His goal: perform at Valencia to play the World Cup in Qatar, the great soccer event on the planet, with the sky blue Uruguay. Lacking references, in Mestalla they ignore the footballer’s age and bet on his statistics and his professionalism. He will arrive at Valencia airport in the early afternoon and tonight he will be at the Mestalla stadium to witness the match against Atlético de Madrid, a club for which he was about to sign in 2019. Valencia is considering preparing a suitable presentation ceremony to his status and his collection of goals. Cavani has already turned on the firecracker of illusion among the followers of the bat.

With the same patience with which he waited for the fish to bite the bait of his hook when he fished in his native Salto, Edinson Cavani has waited in a hotel in Madrid for his stepbrother and agent Walter Guglielmone to close the deal with one of his Spanish suitors after rejecting OGC Nice’s offer to return to the French league. In the hotel gym and in the hands of a personal physical trainer, Cavani has published several videos on his Instagram profile these days to show that he is still fine and that he was not wasting his time. The Uruguayan landed in Barajas on September 21 with his wife and children to meet with Walter Guglielmone, who had been in Nice to pick up the offer from the French Côte d’Azur club. Cavani denied the 4 million euros net per season that Nice offered him, determined to play in the League and in Valencia, until then the Spanish club that had put the most effort into hiring him.

In Mestalla they have made bobbin lace so that the Matador’s heavy card fits into the limited cost of the club’s squad for this course. To convince Salto’s attacker, the financial director, Inma Ibáñez, has pulled all her ingenuity. President Layhoon Chan has given the plácet after previously consulting with the largest shareholder, Peter Lim, in Singapore. In an extraordinary effort due to its harsh economic context, Valencia offers a two-year contract with a salary that exceeds 2.5 million euros net the first year and another less the second. In the contract there are several clauses that can increase the attacker’s salary if he exceeds a series of goals as a Valencian player that could even give him an optional campaign. Filing the differences regarding the salary of the second year as a Valencianist has been the handicap of the negotiation. Other contenders in the bidding for Cavani, such as Villarreal or Real Sociedad, have not bet as heavily on the Uruguayan international as Valencia has, who considered him their top priority for Gattuso’s attack.

The other big problem for the arrival of Cavani has been his friend Maxi Gómez. The striker from Paysandú, Edinson’s teammate in the national team, will leave the squad in the next few hours and go to Fenerbahçe in exchange for approximately 6 million euros plus bonuses for goals and a percentage of a future sale. One of the conditions that Cavani had imposed was that his arrival would not leave Maxi relegated to the background so as not to harm his aspirations to play in Qatar with the light blue. He has waited for Valencia to finally find a way out for him. Valencia, on the other hand, couldn’t sign Cavani if ​​he didn’t get rid of Maxi’s file, which was a burden on the template cost. Maxi’s departure facilitated Cavani’s arrival. Valencia has changed a charrúa for another. The two internationals were related.

Gennaro Gattuso has weighed in Cavani’s decision to sign with Valencia. The Calabrian coach has spoken throughout the summer with Matador against whom, curiously, he faced as a player with AC Milan. Gattuso operates from Mestalla as a ‘general manager’ of the Premier League.

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