USA significantly increased the number of biological laboratories

Russia Igor Kirillov, Chief of the Union for Radiological, Chemical and Biological Protection of the Armed Forces, said that the data obtained by the Russian military USAof UkraineHe said that he proved once again that he was developing biological weapons in .

Igor Kirillov said, “The Pentagon is actively studying these economically important infections in biological laboratories located outside of its national territory, along the borders of its geopolitical enemies. This is once again the case that the United States is developing biological weapons components outside its national jurisdictions, including on the territory of Ukraine. confirms it”.

Recalling that the United States published the National Biological Threats Strategy in October 2022, which has a doctrinal nature and defines biological risk management as a vital priority for the United States, Kirillov said, “With the approved strategy, Washington is committed to preventing, responding to and neutralizing biological threats in line with its national interests. He plans to create an architecture under US control to bring

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Kirillov said that collections of pathogens from other countries are presented to the United States under the guise of peaceful purposes, that the Americans, under the auspices of humanitarian cooperation, plan to select pathogens of particularly dangerous infections in Central Asia and Transcaucasia.


of the USA, Soviet Union Kirillov, who argued that he accelerated his military-biological activities after the war period, said, “Under the guise of solving completely peaceful tasks in the Central Asian and Transcaucasian countries, it is planned to select and genotype pathogen samples of particularly dangerous infections such as plague, anthrax and tularemia endemic in these regions. The US administration, the so-called ‘humanitarian’ It uses a well-established scenario of cooperation,” he said.

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“As a result, a bioconservation facility connected to a unified biomonitoring system is set up. All the country’s biological developments, including pathogen collections, become US property, and the established laboratory base becomes useless without US support,” Kirillov added.


“It should be noted that the United States has never made clear its commitment to the safety of research conducted in biological laboratories under its control,” Kirillov said.

“More than 5.5 thousand pages of incident reports were reviewed during the investigation conducted by the independent Intercept company. Research conducted at universities in Washington, Minnesota and Illinois concluded that it led to intra-laboratory infections and created a risk of further spread of dangerous pathogens,” Kirillov said.

Kirillov also stated that these statistics do not take into account the events that occurred at military biological facilities such as the Infectious Diseases Medical Research Institute in Fort Detrick, and said:

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“However, the institute has repeatedly been the subject of investigations by US federal agencies for its opaque and insecure activities. For example, in 2009, its operations were suspended due to risks of breach of biomaterial records, loss, theft, and pathogen trafficking. Anthrax spore distribution in the United States in 2001 Remember that the main suspect in the bioterrorist attacks was the institute where microbiologist Bruce Evans worked.”

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