USA makes a navigation map of the Moon – Breaking News

st. Speaking at the GEOINT Conference in St. Louis, Whitworth said, “Today, we are working with NASA, the US Geological Survey, the US Space Force and the Space Command to develop a lunar geodesy system that will guide future visitors on the Moon’s surface as accurately and safely as GPS on Earth. ” said.

Stating that the system called the “Lunar Reference Frame” will perform a similar function to the Earth Geodesy System, which supports navigation capabilities such as GPS and provides precise and accurate latitude, longitude and time data, Whitworth said that they are currently working on a Moon-based system, but that they are working on a Moon-based system in the future. He also said that work will be done to develop similar navigation systems.

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Whirwoth stated that this work is part of the dream of commercial companies as well as the USA and other countries planning trips to the Moon and establishing an economy there in the future.


James Griffith, Director of Resource and Operations Management at the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, in his briefing to the US media, emphasized that the project in question was managed by the US Department of Defense (Pentagon).

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Pointing out that the main difficulty in this study is how to collect data on the Moon, Griffith said, “The Moon works very differently from Earth. We know what kind of data we need, but we do not know how it is collected in that kind of environment. Because our instruments are not structured accordingly. So we need to do a lot of exploratory work to develop a true frame of reference.” made its assessment.

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