Uttar Pradesh family court orders spouse to pay monthly Rs 1,000 maintenance allowance to a husband

Muzaffarnagar:” A overall household here has educated a woman, who is a govt pensioner, to cover a month-to-month care allowance for his wife or husband, after a petition enrolled with this latter inside this circumstance.

The woman and the wife or husband ended up living individually for a lot of yrs. . The man had enrolled a petition from 2013 over the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, looking for care allowance by their spouse.

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The estimate of the whole household Court Wed. allowed the petition of complainer & educated the woman to cover INR 1000 a MOTO her wife or husband since preservation allowance out of she’s turned into an retired govt slave & obtaining INR 12,000 retirement for every mo..

The article UP overall household orders wife or husband to cover INR 1000 month-to-month care allowance to wife or husband surfaced 1 st on Telangana (proposed deletion ) to-day.

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