X-ray of ‘El hormiguero’: successful white entertainment… and controversies over machismo | TV

It has been on the air for 16 years, more than 2,500 programs. It has had versions in Portugal, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, China and even tried to adapt it in the United States. He has won the Ondas Award, the National Television Award, the Rose d’Or, has accumulated several Iris Awards from the Television Academy … Read more

Six “drug lords” who showered Europe with cocaine fall into their “sanctuary” in Dubai | Spain

The Civil Guard has participated in the international police macro-operation that, in recent weeks, has made it possible to dismantle a “cocaine supercartel” made up of independent but interconnected drug plots, which are considered responsible for introducing a third of this drug that is moves in Europe. Among the 49 arrested are six of those … Read more

The Mexican Academy of Language ‘uncovers’ the speech of Mexicans with a ‘Dictionary of Mexicanisms’

The Mexican Academy of Language has embarked on the daunting task of bringing together in a book a titipuchal of words of Mexican origin in the new Dictionary of Mexicanism. Own and shared. A job for academics that brings together some 11,000 slogans that are used throughout the country. Upon opening its pages, the reader … Read more

Camila breaks one of the historical traditions of the monarchy: she will not have ladies-in-waiting | People

Barely three months after her proclamation as queen consort, Camila has already broken one of the oldest traditions of the British monarchy: she will be the first queen in centuries without ladies-in-waiting. It has been Buckingham Palace that has confirmed the change in a statement issued this weekend and that the British tabloid Daily Mail … Read more

Diego Forlán: “Many coaches think they are more important than the players” | World Cup Qatar 2022

Straight Diego Forlán (Montevideo, 43 years old) is the last Uruguayan to have lifted a trophy in a World Cup: the best player in South Africa 2010. Before Spain broke loose, the former Villarreal, Atlético and United striker had scored five goals in that edition, almost all lashes from outside the area that wriggled in. … Read more

Ukraine – Russia war: latest news live | The Ukrainian government stabilizes the electrical system, but foresees new Russian attacks | International

What has happened in the last hours On the 278th day of the war started by Russia against Ukraine, these are the key data at 12:00 on Monday, November 28: Ukrainian authorities anticipate a new wave of Russian bombing this week. The Ukrainian authorities foresee a new wave of Russian bombardments this week against civilian … Read more

Of light and darkness: 70% of cases of childhood blindness in Mexico are preventable | future america

EL PAÍS offers the América Futura section open for its daily and global informative contribution on sustainable development. If you want to support our journalism, subscribe here. Abdiel was born premature and with a heart murmur. He managed to survive in an incubator without anyone being able to rock him with his body entangled in … Read more

Feijóo runs out of credit | Spain

In the politics of our time, nothing is what it seems and everything is experienced at great speed. What today seems solid, even immovable, tomorrow could fall apart with the astonishing ease of a sugar cube. The analyzes do not last a week and the tools we used to understand the world no longer serve … Read more