Two days before the election, Erdogan clings to the ‘Kandil’ lie again

President and AKP Chairman Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is making statements at the ‘Women’s Meeting’ held at the Istanbul Congress Center.

Highlights from Erdogan’s statements are as follows:

* Dear Istanbul residents, esteemed ladies, valuable members of our business world, my esteemed colleagues, my young brothers, I greet you with my most heartfelt feelings. Through you, I greet all the ladies of our country wholeheartedly. On this occasion, I convey my greetings to our rose-faced mothers, where heaven is laid under their feet. I pay my respects to the mothers who stand guard to regain the pieces of liver that the separatist organization smuggled into the mountains.

* I would like to thank you for the support you have given to myself and the People’s Alliance on 14 May. We obtained the majority with 323 deputies in the parliament. In the Presidency, we finished 5 points ahead of our opponent with 49.54. We have the most critical phase of the elections ahead of us. 1 day left for the second round. We will go to the polls once again this Sunday and make perhaps one of the most important choices of our lives. We will make an important decision about the future of our country and our children.

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* We are in the presence of our nation with many works that we have brought to Turkey in the last 20 years. Of course, we are in the presence of our nation with our shortcomings and flaws. We have an example before us that destroyed the SGK and CHP. There is an example of unscrupulousness that throws people out of the door at midnight because they didn’t vote 2 weeks ago. There is someone who distributes flowers from the terrorist ringleaders in Qandil to FETO members to protect his seat.

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* Ministry bargaining is on fire. There is a strange person before us who distributed 40 deputies with 1 percent of the vote. It has one more feature, account expertise. What kind of accountancy is this that distributes 40 deputies to those who do not even have 1 percent of the votes. This Sunday, I hope my nation will give them the best example of accounting expertise. There is an example of incompetence that has packed all the evil that Turkish politics has forgotten for 21 years in 3 months.

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