Turkish states should establish their own axis

“Instead of being condemned to the East and West axis, by establishing our own unique axis, the Turkish states will establish their own axis, and an eco power center will emerge.”

He said that we will work together not only for the Century of Turkey, but also for the Century of the Turkish World. “We are not in a position to expect glory from anyone else. The time and opportunity to use our power has come before us.”

The Turkey-Azerbaijan Joint Conference on the Century of the Turkish-Turkish World: a new role model in political and economic relations was held in Ankara. Deputies from Türkiye and Azerbaijan also attended the ceremony. Speaker of the Parliament Numan Kurtulmus, who was in front of the cameras, emphasized that Azerbaijan cut its own belly in the 2nd Karabakh war. “Karabakh will be Abad in the upcoming period as well. In this geography, the will to ensure stability in the Caucasus is important. What is an important geostrategic transition zone in this region, a balance and stability will emerge with our joint efforts.”

Speaking at the conference, AK Party Deputy Chairman Efkan Ala said, “Only the word Karabakh is enough to describe the level of relations between the two countries.” He brought the word to the foreign policy understanding of the two countries. “The lands that have been occupied for 30 years have been freed with the respectable cooperation between the countries. The occupied land has been liberated and no steps have been taken on anyone else’s land, this is a virtuous foreign policy.”

MHP Deputy Chairman Kamil Aydın said, “He underlined the cooperation between Turkey and Azerbaijan. “Now we continue on our way with great unity in a blessed march.”

Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Kurtulmuş: We must all work together to pave the way for Turkey

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