Turkey’s only female drift driver and the youngest driver on the tracks

“I started this sport when I was 15 and got my license at the age of 16. I am the youngest and first unlicensed drift pilot in Turkey. I have earned the right to prove myself because of the trainings I have received,” Biricik said. “I have degrees. I participated in the drift race today. My vehicle is called ‘Risk’. Risk has minor problems, but I am still assertive today. Drifting is a lifestyle for me. I want to drift when I am in a bad mood. My goal is to become a national athlete.”


On the other hand, Özge Kılcı (28), who is the only female pilot participating in the race, said, “I am the only female pilot among 28 people in today’s race. I have been in the automobile community since a young age and there are very few women in the profession. It is a very fun and enjoyable sport. I got a good grade in this race. “I want to achieve success. I aim to participate in races held abroad in the future,” he said.

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