‘We took a short break from the application’

‘map‘, the reaction to the application is growing. Animal lovers who say that dogs are marked and killed in the application are on social media ‘The database should be closed’ launched the campaign. Thereupon, the site owner informed that new entries to the site have been stopped as of today, ‘We took a short break’ … Read more

Social Housing Project in 81 provinces: flats with a maturity of 20 years – Last Minute Turkey News

Eyes on the ‘Social Housing’ project, the details of which will be announced by President Erdogan on September 13. Stating that they want to increase the housing supply, which decreased during the epidemic period, President Erdoğan said, “Our aim is to rapidly increase the housing supply, which decreased during the epidemic period, to both revive … Read more

Sıla wind at Didim Amphitheater

Activities continue unabated at the Didim Amphitheater, the new center of culture and art in the region by the Didim Municipality in Aydın. Singer, songwriter and composer Sıla met her fans with her unique pieces at the Didim Amphitheater, which was produced by Didim Municipality and opened by the President of the Republican People’s Party … Read more

Demolition tension in Beykoz

In Beykoz Tokatköy, demolition tension broke out within the scope of urban transformation. There was a clash between the officials and the people of the neighborhood. Electricity, water and natural gas of the buildings planned to be demolished within the scope of urban transformation in Tokatköy Neighborhood were cut off on June 22. Teams came … Read more

941 out of 4,569 beggars in Antalya were foreigners

Between January 1 and August 11, the municipal police teams of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality took action against 4,569 beggars who made profit by exploiting emotions in the streets and intersections where there is a density of people and vehicles, and in touristic areas. 7 thousand 374 liras from 129 beggars were confiscated by the decision … Read more

University registration has begun! (e-Government university registration screen) – Last Minute Education News

REQUIRED DOCUMENTS FOR UNIVERSITY REGISTRATION a) The original or certified copy of the diploma from the secondary education institution from which the candidate graduated, or the newly dated graduation certificate b) If it is determined that the student is registered in another higher education institution in the YÖKSİS database, in the registration process of higher … Read more