When will the Council of Ministers (new cabinet) be announced? Has the new cabinet been announced? – Last Minute Türkiye News

The Council of Ministers, that is, when the new cabinet will be announced, is being investigated as the results of the 2nd round of the Presidential election are determined according to the uncertain results. The new cabinet will be determined by President Erdoğan after the current cabinet members become members of the parliament. So, when … Read more

Müge Anlı had appeared: Confessions came in the chain of murders, including Sevgi Demirci and her children – Last Minute Turkey News

THE FIRST MURDER WAS COMPLETED IN 2017 As a result of the police investigation, it was determined that the first of the chain of murders in the family was committed in 2017. It was learned that Ünal Y. and Ömer Y., who were the relatives of Mücahit Polat, who was killed in this incident, entered … Read more